St. Rita School Endowment Fund

"Planting the Seed for Our Children's Future"

In one of his most familiar parables, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed, "which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its shade."

You have an opportunity to be sowers of a different kind of seed, the fruit of which will enable St. Rita Parish and St. Rita School to provide our children with a faith-filled, exceptional Catholic education for many years to come.

Just as the tiny mustard seed grows into a large plant, your investment gift can grow into substantial endowment funds that will nourish and sustain St. Rita School far into the future.

St. Rita Parish encourages all our parishioners to be active stewards of the resources God has bestowed on them—during their lifetimes and after—to benefit the mission and ministry of St. Rita School.

What is The St. Rita School Endowment Fund?
The St. Rita School Endowment Fund is set up to solely benefit St. Rita School so that it will continue its mission and ministry beyond your lifetime. Monetary gifts, or "investment gifts", are received from you by St. Rita Parish. Your gift amount is retained in perpetuity and cannot be spent. Rather, it is the interest accrued from the combined gifts of all our generous donors that is made available to St. Rita School each year through The St. Rita School Endowment Fund.

Annual interest from a permanent endowment fund can be a lifeline in lean economic times; in lucrative times funds can aid in growth, expansion and teacher retention efforts. It is always a lasting tribute and legacy to those who graciously and prayerfully invested in our children's educational and spiritual future.

Are my investment gifts tax deductible?
Yes, your gifts to The St. Rita School Endowment Fund are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. Bequests, legacies and all gifts of value are generally exempt from Federal Estate and Gift taxes. You may wish to consult with your tax professional before making a commitment.

How can I participate?
Contributing to the St. Rita School Endowment Fund is easy. Simply choose the gift amount that works best for you and your family on the reverse side of this leaflet. When complete, return to Denise Simonik, Director of Development in the Parish Offices across the street from the Primary Building.

Individuals who invest $1,500 or greater may choose an inscribed personalized, permanent leaf or stone plaque that will be added to our "Tree of Knowledge" located in the Church Gathering Area.

St. Rita Parish will also accept investment gifts in the form of stocks and bonds, real estate, personal will bequeaths, life insurance beneficiary designation, or other appreciated securities and assets like art or antique collections. To discuss these options, please call Denise Simonik, 440-248-1350, ext. 122 to schedule an appointment.

Click here to download the Endownment Participation Form.