Lunch Volunteers

Recess FunSt. Rita School currently employs one staff member for supervising our students during lunch and recess. However, in order to ensure our students’ safety in the cafeteria and on the playground, we need many volunteer monitors to help. Without at least 2 volunteer monitors on the playground per lunch period, it is simply not safe for our students to be outside. All volunteers must be Virtus trained.

Our volunteer monitors enjoy the opportunity to interact with their children at lunchtime and get to know other parent volunteers, as well. Volunteering for lunch and recess is a great way to see your children in action and get to know their friends. We will assign at least two volunteer monitors to the cafeteria and two volunteer monitors for recess. Volunteers are asked to stay in their assigned locations throughout the 1-1/2 hour lunch period. This ensures our schedule runs smoothly.

Please note that assigned locations for volunteers will change monthly. If you have small children and wish your assignment to always be in the cafeteria, please contact either Karen Djukic in the Primary Building (440-248-1350, ext. 106) or Carole Wenzel in the Middle School Building (440-248-1350, ext. 102).

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