Financial Aid

An affordable Catholic education starts here!

We are excited to offer current and prospective students an opportunity to make private Catholic education a viable possibility. At Saint Rita Catholic School we have numerous scholarship opportunities available, see more details listed below. 

  1. Cleveland Scholarship: Students who currently reside in the Cleveland Municipal School District, and will be in grades K-12 for the coming school year, are eligible for the Cleveland Scholarship. Students in grades K-8 qualify for a $6,166 scholarship.  
  2. EdChoice Traditional Scholarship: The EdChoice Traditional Scholarship provides students from qualifying public school districts the opportunity to attend participating private schools.  This scholarship amount is $6,166 for grades K-8.
  3. EdChoice Expansion Scholarship: All K-12 students now qualify to receive the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship.  Depending on your family’s gross annual income and size, this scholarship award could be as much as $6,166 per year for children in grades K-8.
  4. Jon Peterson Scholarship: The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program provides assistance to K-12 students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from their public school district of residence. The amount of this scholarship is based on the specific learning needs of each student as determined on his/her IEP. We partner with PSI to provide student services with this scholarship.
  5. Angel Scholarship Fund: Catholic School students grades K-12 in the State of Ohio are eligible to receive tuition assistance through an “Angel Scholarship.” These scholarships are made possible through a new scholarship tax-credit program that is being managed by the Catholic Community Foundation. Generous donors have contributed to the Saint Rita Angel Scholarship Fund to make this possible for Saint Rita students. Click here to learn more.
  6. Fund-A-Dream: Families who apply for a Fund A Dream scholarship will be considered for a $2,500 FAD scholarship. This scholarship is purposefully designed to alleviate the financial burdens faced by K-12 students with demonstrated financial need, providing direct assistance towards their tuition.
  7. Diocesan Tuition Assistance: Based on a family's demonstrated financial need, each year the Diocese of Cleveland awards millions of dollars in need-based tuition assistance to deserving students. 
  8. Local Tuition Assistance: Saint Rita Parish is committed to keeping our school affordable for all families. We do this by partnering with the scholarship organizations listed above to provide each of our families the best possible scholarship package to keep tuition affordable. Our scholarship, formally known as Merit, is now being wrapped into our local tuition assistance. 


Please contact our Scholarship Manager to begin your scholarship application process. She will help you identify the best scholarship package for your family. 

Dené Hummon