The wearing of a school uniform encourages discipline, concentration on learning, unity, and eliminates competition. Putting on a uniform provides students with visual and subconscious cues that work is ready to begin.

To promote good grooming and pride in oneself, students’ clothing is to be clean, neat, and sized appropriately. If a style is in question and it does not meet the requirements, parents will be called and a request will be made for proper attire to be brought to school.

Below is listed information about where you can purchase school uniforms.

Where can I buy Saint Rita School uniforms?

School uniforms can be purchased from Schoolbelles. Parents may also choose to purchase uniform pants and shorts from local retailers like Old Navy, Kohl's, or Target. For questions regarding Saint Rita School uniform policies and expectations, please consult the policy section of this Parent Handbook. The school code is: S0011. Polo shirts may also be purchased from Lands' End. The school code is: 900036625.

Where can I buy Saint Rita School P.E. uniforms?

You may purchase Saint Rita School P.E. wear through RDP Sports Plus. Online orders and payments are available by going to www.rdpsports.com and clicking on the "Saint Rita" option. The school password is: rita2013.