Saint Rita School believes technology is an integral part of a student's educational experience. We integrate educational and information technologies into the academic environment beginning in Kindergarten.

Students in grades K-8 have access to our Instructional Technology Lab during scheduled classes and also during Study Hall. The Lab is equipped with computers with 22” flat-screen monitors. Students also have access to printers.

All classrooms are equipped with ACTIVboards. Students in PreK-K have iPad sets in the classroom. Students in grades 1-8 are issued Chromebooks to use during the school day. They also have the option to take these home to complete homework assignments.

Saint Rita is a Google Education School, and students use their Chromebook for note taking, reading textbooks online, and research. Plus, teachers use Google Classroom to enhance learning! Students use Google Docs, Sheets, Draw, Sites, Forms and Slides for their school work.

Our curriculum follows the Ohio Learning Standards for Technology. Students are trained in using digital learning tools as well as safe online citizenship.

Students using the STEM (Science Lab) have access to a 3D printer and state-of-the-art equipment for science labs.

We emphasize the importance of responsibility in regards to the use of the Internet as outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy.